A barcode is currently valid for 2 days (if you test in the morning, it is valid for that day and the day after, if you test in the afternoon - for the next two days. If you for example test on Wednesday afternoon the barcode is active on Thursday and Friday)

Check for the best time, as close as possible to your visit to school, the homepage of this website.

(only works on a laptop/desktop)

Watch the video how self-testing work

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I participate in the study?

A. You can register with the teacher or coordinator of your school.

Q. Is it mandatory?

A. Participation in the study is voluntary. You can stop whenever you want. You don't have to give a reason for that.

Q. How do I get my test kits?

A. This is different at every school. Ask your coordinator.

Q. How long will my participation in the study take?

A. Depending on the starting moment, participation lasts two to eight weeks. Tests are valid for 48 hours, if you come to campus once a week, you test once a week.

Q. Who is my contact person?

A. Each university of applied sciences has its own coordinator who is appointed for contact with the research. You can also ask one of the researchers with specific questions about the research via cnagel@amphia.nl (Carla Nagel)

Q. Where do I submit my consent form?

A. The consent forms can be signed and handed in at the designated point of your school.

Q. Where can I log in?

A. On this webpage there will be links with times for the moments of taking the test.

Q. How do I get my QR code to check in?

A. These are supplied with the test kits.

Q. Where do I go in the online environment?

A. Upon entry, there are several digital rooms and the student proceeds to the letter "A”. Here, the test administration is guided by the monitor and the QR code is temporarily switched on. After waiting for the result, outside this framework, you go to the digital results room, where the result is viewed 1 on 1 with the monitor and the QR code activated.

Q. How do I recognize the monitor?

A. The monitor can be recognized by the profile image with the bright color and letter.

Q. My equipment has fallen, what should I do now?

A. The monitor makes a note of your barcode number. You can use it to pick up a new test kit

Q. I missed my online monitor moment / time slot? What now?

A. On this webpage you can see if there are possibilities for a different time slot.

Q. What if I test positive?

A. If you test positive, you will also have to do a PCR test at the GGD. Please contact them yourself so that they can do a source and contact investigation. Stay at home and observe the measures.

Q. I had corona several weeks ago. Is there a chance of a false positive with this antigen test?

A. No, there is no increased risk of false positive. Antigen tests reveal certain proteins of the virus in nasal and / or throat mucus. This way you will quickly know whether you are carrying the virus with you. GGD test lines often work with PCR tests. A PCR test reveals specific pieces of genetic material from the novel coronavirus. After an infection, dead viral material remains for quite a long time. So then you may test false positive if you have had corona, but only with a PCR test.